The best of the worst beauty & well-being advice


As I was taking the plane, I read the duty free magazine provided by the airline. In that magazine, journalists provided advice to women on how to get relaxed, fulfilled, loved, happy and pretty…what a program! (Yes you can feel the sarcasm in my ton…)

Going through the articles, I was just choked by the superficiality of the content as it was for me a lack of consideration for nowadays women. So you can judge by yourself, I am going to give you bits of the articles I read.

The first one explained that spiritual wellbeing became the ultimate accessory (???) followed by a deep dive on chakras on how they influence life and aid mental and physical alignment. I am not against that idea at all but I started to be a bit skeptical when I found out that to access this, it was recommended that you buy a 45 euros bracelet that represents the tenets of love, compassion and altruism, and “serves as both a reminder of the quest for balance and as a stylish accessory”. (if you are not convinced,  just go and check Elle magazine and Vogue… EVEN Sienna Miller, Cheryl Cole, Kanye West and Jude Law had this bracelet!)  I mean, are we serious?! I thought wisdom and wellbeing could be reached by meditating, reading inspiration books from philosophy or Gandhi… But actually you just need to have a 45 euros bracelet.

So now that I knew how to be a perfectly balanced and spiritual woman, I turned the page to tackle the second step of the challenge: how to remain young looking without using Botox or fillers. The article explained that as many stars had their own well-being habits: Pilates, lifestyle website, create their own cosmetic brand… holistic health became a “must do”, including anti-ageing beauty routine.

Lucky me! In nutshell ladies, if you want to look forever young it is not complicated!! You just have to buy some cream and cosmetics filled with nature miracle powers, and that only cost 130 euros for a facial serum, 110 euros for the eye balm, and 166 euros for the face cream ( BUT , Do not forget you chakra bracelet , you little distracted woman!! else it would not work!!)

This was the cherry on the cake. In which world does this person live, and how can one e possibly write this when –  I would gently remind that Europe has been on crisis for more than 3 years, taxes and unemployment rate keep on increasing, household subsidies got cut and in France we reached a point where some supermarkets put anti-theft tags on steaks , to make sure nobody steal them…

 Is it the way women want to be considered: cash cows for the cosmetic industry who use women’s race against ageing to build their wealth? Is this the way we want to teach teenagers and young girls what beauty and well-being is about?

Beauty is all about listening to our body and mind, treating them well with natural products. Cosmetics do not need to be expensive to be efficient. Women in North Africa have been using for ages Argan oil or Shea butter to moisturize their skin and hair and some of them look younger than stars who got fillers injections.  All that to say that beauty, happiness and fulfilled existence do not depend on the amount of money we spend on gadgets and creams. It is all about building self-confidence and accept ourselves, and nobody else than us can do it. We are the owner off our happiness.


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