Simple pleasures…. #1

my dandy

I like the idea that even in 2013 there are still “dandies”, and that on top of that, I am living with one of them. I find terribly sweet when my boyfriend open the door and let me go first. When I walk in town and look at people, I must admit there are very few men today who have this so chic and dandy manner …

ParisI like when I speak English and that my interlocutor asks: “Are you French?” And then tell me “I could hear it in your accent!” Not that I am a patriotic person but I do like the idea that my “frenchness” is still recognizable, even after I left my country more than 4 years ago.

AthenI like the pride of Greek people when they speak about their country. “It is a small country, but it is very pretty” as the taxi driver was telling us… I cannot agree more. Despite the tough time this country has been going through, I was touched by the kindness off its people, and the warm welcome they give to tourist (Paris … it is maybe time to take example on your European neighbor)

PoliteAs “old fashion” as it may sound, I like politeness, and courteous people. As I come back from holidays, I saw people who think they are entitled to get everything they want when they want, allowing themselves to be rude to locals.Thank you and please are very easy words than can open you the world…those are basics!


I like seeing my brother growing up… He just turned 25, and I still see him as the tiny cute blond baby boy I used to annoy every single minute we spent together. Now seeing him traveling Latin America and exploring the world makes me proud of him, excited to see Simon enjoying life and making his own life experiences.


I like when my mum comes back from the library with books she picked especially for me. Any time I open them I can feel as if she were close to me, and I love the idea she spent time on finding me a nice novel. It means a lot to me and as a contagious effect, got me excited to offer or share books.


When I unpack back from holidays, I like finding sand grains, tickets of a museum I visited, a map of the city…. It feels as if I brought back home a sunbeam from my holidays, and reminds me the pure moments of bliss we spent.


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