The BEST burger in Paris… BIG TIME

This is not a sponsored post but a review on a place that any burger lover shoudl try.

My brother used to tell me about a place in Paris that has AMAZING burgers . Quite frankly, I could not understand why he was so enthusiatic about it, as I usually associated burger with fast or “junk” food.

One day, after a we went to see a very fun play at the theater, we ended up starving at 10:30 pm in Paris. For those who have never experienced this situation, let me tell you, there are few restaurants in Paris that welcome you passed that time. As Blend was open – a good start – he finally had the opportunity to introduce me to this place.

Blend does what we call a Gourmet Burger. Prices are a bit higher than a fast food but it is really worth it.

So why do I love this place so much? The answer is simple : for the quality of the products and the fact that ingredients they use are home made.

Blend burger 2

The restaurant grinds the meat daily, and uses cuts chosen by Yves-Marie Le Bourdonnec, Paris’ best butcher and creator of the New York Times’ best burger in the world. Have a bite, you’ll understand what I am talking about!

Sweet Potatoes Fries

Buns are baked fresh daily, and have the shine and velvety texture of a brioche. Sauces are home made too (of course).You can chose among a list of 9 burgers. My favorite side are the sweet potatoes fries.

 Not much to add. The best way to prove me right is to go and try. A good sign is that there is always a queue oustide of the restaurant: an indicator of the quality and the success of the place. The service is fast. You will be able to make it  inside relatively quickly.

Of course, we area talking about burgers and fries, so not the type of food I recommend you eat every day. But if you decide to have a burger, go for a good one, and try Blend.

I am looking forward to hearing your review,

Details :

Blend Hamburger,
44 rue d’Argout, 75002 Paris.
10€ le hamburger, 3€ les french fries, sur place uniquement
Du lundi au samedi
Tél. : + 33 1 40 26 84 57


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