The list of my desires…



Summer is here and hopefully for all of you, a little break is round the corner. I do not know if that is the case for you, but when I am on holidays, I usually dedicate my spare time to activities I am not used to do the other days of the year. One of them is reading.

I just finished a novel that was quite nice and easy to read, and thought you may be interested in reading it. The list of my desire is a novel by Gregoire Delacourt (a French novelist) has had an international success. The book rights have been purchased in 27 countries and a French director is making a movie based on the book’s story.

Enough speaking, let’s get to the “pitch”.

Jocelyne, the main character of the novel lives in a small city in France and is the owner of a dressmaking shop. She has a quiet and pleasant life, surrounded by her family and her real and virtual friends. Yes – she has a blog where she shares sewing advices and also speaks about her life adventures. One day Jocelyne is given the opportunity to get anything she has ever wanted in life. But as we all know, everything as a “price” and the moments of doubts have come. As she examines the possibilities and makes a list of her desires, she contemplates the true meaning of worth. Will she be happier if she manages to get all she has ever dreamt about?

Let’s make it clear, this novel will not get a Nobel Prize for literature but it was exquisitely written.  I liked the fact that the characters of the novel could be people you’ve known: neighbors, your friends’ parents… but above all, I was pleased by the plot which reminds us that life can be beautiful thanks to simple and little pleasures, when some people seemed to have forgotten that concept. This maybe a “typically French” fable, exploring the true meaning of life and happiness but after all, is it a bad thing?  🙂

The book is very easy to read:  a simple style, nothing fluffy or pretentious. I think it is the perfect book to have when lying on the beach or at the park. For those who are fan of French literature, this book reminded me the style and the themes of “The Elegance of the Hedgehog” by Muriel Barbery. Enjoy the reading, and have wonderful holidays.

Details :

The list of my desires by Gregroire Delacourt
Orion Publishing Co


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