Welcome ’14


 Not surprisingly, I am part of the million people posting on New Year… but after all – there is no other better moment in the year to do so! 🙂

If it was the “me” from 2 or 3 years ago writing this post, I would probably have named it “Goodbye 2013”. Since then I learnt to look forward – BUT – I still like to reflect on the past year.

In ’13 I dared initiating projects I have been considering for a while – which included starting a blog. I realized after the fact, that blogging is more “complicated” than it appears to be: find interesting topics, make the time to write, overcome the ” white page” standing in front of me… This was also a great experience for me as I continued writing despite comments that were not meant to be mean but which sometimes were not “overly encouraging” for beginners. Such as “why do you blog for “; ” that is no use blogging”…  This was a good experience as I kept on regardless of those comments –as I think one should be able to fulfil personal projects when possible. And actually – I have been read in more than 30 countries and received very kind comments and constructive notes. So THANK YOU for that.

In ’13 I really realized what are my life priorities.

In ’13 – after 2 years spent doing a job I was really not happy about – I finally decided to stop it and take a job I am interested in. The great thing about this “not so cool job” was that as soon as I stopped I realized that picking a role just for the sake of making decent money is not a wise choice long term.

In ’13 I have been lucky enough to discover 2 new amazing countries to add to my countries list.: Greece and Iceland. I hope will be able to do the same if not more in ’14 – and share these life experiences with my better half: “THE BOYFRIEND”.

In ’13 I learnt not to take myself too seriously – like this day I fell in the middle of a train station full of people. Doing a “not so cute” Bambi remake.

Finally – I have been following a very nice blog this year, in which there is a post with ideas/advice I quite like.  So I wanted to share it with you. Advices are probably easier to read than to apply every day… but I invite you to check. It is good food for thought. The blog is called Bucket List publications, by Lesley Carter. The post can be found at the following link:


All that said – it is time to welcome 2014.Wherever you are, may 2014 bless you all. And to all my traveller friends, I wish you a WANDERful year 2014.


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