About travelling experiences


I was caught by the travel bug “relatively late” but as it kicked in, I can surely say it got me forever.

What I have always loved about travels is this opportunity to really “sink” into the local culture.I have been lucky enough to explore many countries and this gave me the opportunity to think about sustainable travels and culture awareness.

I recall when we were  in Athens last year : 10 am; 35 degrees C – on the Acropolis, admiring the Parthenon. Probably more than 10 different languages were spoken on a hundreds square meters place. Who would have guessed – back in 447 BC that the Parthenon would become one of the most visited site in the world more than 2000 years later?

Anyway … Back to the story…  We were among the crowd of people, ranging from one taking selfies, couple smiling for a souvenir pictures, and the one working on getting a new facebook profile picture. Let’s be clear – I got half a dozen of pictures taken there as well… 🙂

After we were done, a group of youngster asked us to take a picture of them.  As my boyfriend was about to press the button to immortalize the event  – they suddenly deployed their national flag, which was now gently floating in front of one of the most ancient vestige of Greek and Antique culture.

The fun started when this massive lady kicked in, blowing her whistle, asking them to fold the flag and to delete the picture they took. She even asked to see the camera to make sure the picture was deleted. Quite an interesting moment but also a good example of the type of tourism I try to stay away from. 

Even if I like to call myself a “world citizen”, I want to make sure when I come in a new country I exchange about local culture ( and when I can  – about mine). Above all – I want to respect the welcome I am being given, which include not putting on the French cliché show.

The same way when I am invited at someone’s place I would not break in like a hurricane as I step in the place, but rather wait I am told to enter further. Depending on situation I would bring a “little something” as a courtesy and for the pleasure of sharing and making my guest happy… That is the behaviour I try to have when travelling.

As I was on my way to Romania – a new place for me – I was 100% excited, feeling agitated – and asking myself “trivial ” questions : How Bucharest is going to look like? Are people friendly to tourists ? Will I make myself understand given that I speak French, English, Spanish but surely not a work of Romanian…. (Answers will come in my soon to come post on my Romanian adventures !)

Once landed, I crossed the long corridor, heading straight to the exit to finally get the adventure started !

And you – what is feeding your love for travels ?

The picture in this post is not mine… I found it at the following blog



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