Bucuresti… A mysterious stranger


2,000 Km away from Paris,

After we flew over Luxembourg, Germany, Austria and Hungary … we were about to reach Bucharest. A new exciting life experience and opportunity to build ever lasting memories.

I cannot not define the way I feel before I fly, and when I get into the planned destination – but to make it simple: I am all over the place !Like a kid in a candy store. Travelling is in my blood.:)

When I told colleagues and friends we were off to Romania, they all sounded intrigued but interested in knowing about the country.

I knew about Romania to the extent of what is broadcasted on the news,

I knew about Romania for the extremely tough times people went through back to the late 60’s until early 90’s.

I knew about Romania and the wild dogs hanging out in the streets. I thought this was a legend until I saw it for real. I‘ve always been told not to try to pet them. And now I understand why…. Those dogs have nothing in common with the cutty Beethoven you see in movies. Those are real “gangsta one”, believe me.

I knew about Romania, and more specifically Transylvania as the land of Dracula.

When I arrived, my boyfriend had a great surprise for me :
A road trip across the country side, exploring Dracula’s castle and enjoying local food. The ideal for a relaxing week end. Could not wait to start this “Indiana Jones of modern times” adventure.

Though one of the thing one cannot control is weather.As we woke up on Saturday – Bucharest and the square in front of the hotel turned into a real life size snow globe.
Locals highly recommended not to go outside as pavements and roads were covered with ice. Needless to say, Dracula could enjoy his sleep – the “chasing vampire adventure” had to be postponed. Well – “If life gives you lemons: Make lemonade!” 

The funny thing in such a situation is to end up in a country and a city we had never been before, without being able to explore the streets, feel the ambiance and local culture.
It was a very low key and relaxing time. We ended up going to the restaurant, and hanging out in the corridor of the hotel – where an exhibition about Scotland was on.
Yes – I left Scotland 2 days before and ended up attending an exhibition about Scotland in Romania! Quite a funny coincidence, thinking about it !

At the light of the situation I am not able to share much about Romania’s landscapes and food delicacy, but it still remained a nice experience.
I liked the fact people were trying hard to speak English and make us feel comfortable. There was no chance that my American boy and I spoke Romanian, so it was very enjoyable.I felt thoughtfulness in the way we were welcomed.

What caught my attention though was a delicate “distance” – maybe shyness – a gentle feeling of restraint. Even if the country is the only one within the extended Eastern Europe region with Roman roots, I felt a bit the same as when I lived in Czech Republic: a subtle way of retaining emotions.

Before I end that post – do not get me wrong – we know that life is not as easy all over the city and country. Thinking that country reality is what one live when going at the hotel would be erroneous. We were aware we had to remain smart and mindful about where we go/ what we do.

Bucharest, Belle Inconnue. It was a short and almost “virtual” experience. When looking at the streets, end-less avenues, the gaps between luxurious properties and decadent buildings… there is so much to be seen!

Bucharest…So close and yet you remain a mysterious stranger

The kind driver who gave me a lift to the airport advised we come back in May. Count on it.

La revedere Bucuresti !


Credit for the picture goes to my American Boy ❤


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