Scotland landscapes are not only made of 50 shades of grey

Among the list of adjectives one could define Scotland; many people like to call it “rainy”, “grey”, “cold”.

After living on and off in Scotland for more than a year, I confirm about the rain, but I would not reduce this country to its “challenging” weather.

Scotland is a country where nature rules. Offering amazing landscapes, whether you go on the country side and get lost in the mountains, or close to the sea shores. Those little gems are not generally visible right away. They reveal themselves to the curious and adventurous one.

In today’s post, I am introducing you one of this adorable places: Saint Andrews.

Saint Andrews, besides being THE Sacred place for golfers (and the place where Prince William the Duke of Cambridge studied)  – is a tiny lovely town set up nearby the sea. I particularly like the walking path extending along the beach, making it the perfect place to go as an after brunch walk, for example.

What makes the charm of Saint Andrews is the harmony of the buildings, the Roman architecture and the streets layout, making it a tiny cosy town. In Saint Andrews you can find multiple shops and boutique to keep you busy for an afternoon, ranging from local coffee shops to bigger international brands.

Saint Andrews – host of one of the most prestigious golf resorts – offers a range of hotels with amazing Spa amenities, massages, and other pampering services.  

For all the above reasons, I would definitely recommend this city for a week-end escape, to relax and get refreshed.

On top of it, Saint Andrews has amazing landscapes.

Saint Andrews is green. Bright green.

The green of the priory welcoming the ruins of the Saint Andrew Catholic Cathedral. A vestige of what is known to have been the largest church built in Scotland

The green of the golf courses, welcoming each year thousands of passionate golfers, whose dream is to put a foot on the Old Course or to simply visit the town hosting one of the most prestigious golf tournament:

Sain Andrew

Saint Andrew is blue. Deep blue.

A deep dark blue result of the waves shaking the sea,

A deep bright blue when nature is good willed and let us enjoy a clement weather

Saint Andrew is a city that makes one realizes the high potential of wonders in Scotland, and confirm that Scotland landscapes are not only made of 50 shades of grey.

Sain Andrew 2

Credit/Copy rights for the pictures are MINE


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