The secret life of Walter Mitty….


It would not be true if I were telling you I always run after planes. It also happens I stay at home, having low key week ends. I recently took the opportunity to go to the cinema and one of the movies I watched was The Secret life of Walter MItty, by Ben Stiller.

The movie trailer was smartly made and immediately caught my attention:
– Sean Penn is part of the casting,
– The trailer made me thought the movie is about travels and adventures,
– There was something which reminded me of Love actually somehow: the possibility of a love story despite heroes with life, personality and destiny that were not meant to cross.

Before going for a movie, I tend to read about the plot but never the critics. I want to be able to make my own opinion.This proved to be a good idea for The Secret Life of Walter Mitty as the movie got overall average critics and ratings.

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty is a movie I struggled to opine one. 20 minutes after the movie began, I asked myself whether I liked it or not. Then the alchemy (I guess) or the American “block buster magic powder” made the rest. I was lightly charmed with the plot – mainly because it involves travels.

To me, Ben Stiller did a great job to capture the emotions and the beauty of landscapes, with a very special mention for Iceland and Nepal. As we spent a charming 5 days stay in Iceland last year, scenes were filmed in a way one could almost hear the “noise of silence” of the Icelandic landscapes. That same silence we experienced when taking a road trip within the Pingvellir park, during the Golden Circle adventure. (I will make a post about Iceland in the coming weeks – as this country is simply GORGEOUS and full of surprises)


Music and songs were brilliantly picked, making a perfect match between landscapes, scenes, and feelings. I particularly loved Space Oddity by David Bowie and Kristen Wiig. It felt as if someone came through the screen, picked my hand and took me to Walter Mitty’s world. At that point I realized I would start to like the movie.

Where the movie can be challenged is about the “too much fantasy” arising in some situations : a bit over the top and simply not possible in real life. Those were the instances where I asked myself If it was a good pick or just a “goofy” movie.

What I did not know is that The Secret Life of Walter Mitty is originally a book, and that there is an expression called “The Walter Mitty Syndrom”, used to describe people – often intellectual – who indulge in fantastic daydreams of personal triumphs. So this may well be an excuse to these goofy scenes….After all – Ben Stiller is not known to be an actor playing the register of Pedro Almodovar nor Woody Allen’s…. (Zoolander, Dodgeball and Meet the parents speak for themselves.)

Anyway, it was a very nice time and I was pleased when the friend I invited to come with mentioned even a week we saw the movie, that she really liked it.


Leaving you with the Space Oddity song….

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